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For those who like celebrity persons

Even celebrity persons have their different side where they like to express themselves like porn stars. Here on CelebsOnly you can find photos and videos of famous girls only. All those famous actors, singers, models and other girls who are from some point very well known beauties are part of this page. If you have imagined to look over the all naked or half naked photos of Britney Spears, or maybe  Rihana or some other very well known person this is the real haven for you. Here you can enjoy in the collection, which is the best and the biggest in the world. Or, some of those girls might have their own porn video. If they have it, here you can watch it for sure. And while you are watching just relax.

Here you won’t be able to find girls or guys who are not the part of famous persons. If you are looking for some unknown persons don’t expect to find what you need, here is the place only for those with the glory.

What are the benefits for signing in

The first and maybe the most important benefit that you will have here is just the fact that you are able to watch the movies of all your favorite actors, singers and other famous girls and guys. This is something that you will enjoy the most. But, that is not all. The CelebsOnly is offering you much more than only names.

On this web site, you will have more than 8.5 Million Pictures. There are over than 95.000 movies and more than 4.5 million articles, and this is all about stars. All pictures and videos are high definition.  Sex tapes are available for your needs. Updating is being done daily. And beside regular photos of these models, here you will find exclusive paparazzi pictures. If some of those beautiful stars don’t have a truly video of porn action for sure they have some extra photos where you can see their naked bodies, some skirts that are not on the place and beach photos. This page offers totally secure and safe payment. The support for the customers is 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week.

Additional web sites for free

CelebsOnly members will have some additional websites for free. Members here will have access to 6 additional sites except this one. You can use these web sites parallel with this one and the same username and password will be valid for them too. Here you will have more than 100,000 additional scenes and almost 300,000 photos. There are around 8,000 adult DVD’s that you can look over. With the same price you will be able to use more web pages and this is how you will gain more than you paid through this kind of membership.

How much does it cost?

The cost of membership is not some extraordinary price, although this is page with famous persons. Moreover, the price is really affordable and you will be very happy with this fact. What you need to pay for instant access is only like to follow:

–       $2.95/2 days trial period

–       $29.95/30 days access if you want to have some longer period

This web page doesn’t have possibility of longer period membership, so if you want to keep looking the content each month you should make new payment for the upcoming month. But, when you know what is waiting inside you won’t be bored with this kind of payment at all.


As every person has its dark side the same is with celebrity people too. Sometimes they just want to gain more popularity with the video and sometimes they are not expecting to be caught with camera objective. Whatever is the case you will certainly enjoy in all those videos where you can look after all those famous people. Take the opportunity and get the best what CelebsOnly has to offer you, you will be surprised what you can find inside.


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