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Hot travel straight to heaven

In Brazil, girls are really special. This place was selected with a purpose to be the world known for the Rio Carneval, and the reason for that was because all the women there have very nice, rounded asses. Their asses are famous in the world and they know how to use it very well. When some of those beauties shake with the ass, that is really magnificent experience.

This is exactly the theme of this site, as Mike is going in Brazil with the purpose, to look around, to make his choice about best looking girls and fuck them. There will be endless joy for all of the users here, because Mike knows how to choose. And he knows how to fuck them real good or to capture the moments while other guys are fucking, so you will stay here all night long, feeling like you are in Brazil. And there is also a special mobile site suitable for use on your mobile devices for better experience.

Booty bonus

Straight after joining this site, you will get an unbelievable bonus from this booty place. The bonus is in the form of additional sites that you can use on the same way like this one, all that you will have to remember is one username and one password.

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Facts about this site

With this hot Brazilian site, you will enjoy in some fantastic benefits. First of all you will be able to follow more than 7,200 girls and more than 6,500 scenes. There are live girl chats available for the members and when you cannot find online the girl that you like, then you can take your time while watching more than 5,000 hours of fantastic videos.

This network has daily updates and most of the recent videos are in HD, so you can have really great quality content. Customer service on this site is 24/7/365 and staff that is working on your problems solving is very professional. You can download some content if you like, starting from videos and all up to pictures in ZIP files, but you can also watch this site content online, because streaming is very fast and you will be glad to stay connected directly on the site.

Pay to see those asses

If you have a desire to watch all these Brazilian asses, you can make some small payment for the membership and you will be ready to rock them all. Here is what you need to pay:

– $1.00/2 day trial membership with a purpose to let you check out all those round and shaking asses
– $24.95/1 month membership
– $59.70/6 months membership. Monthly rate with this package is $9.95

All your payments on this site are safe and secure, and your identity will be saved from unwanted looks, as this payment is discrete.

Brazilian nights

This site is perfect for those who are dreaming about hot Brazilian nights and the pleasure which only Brazilian girls can afford. If you are far away from this country, at least you can dream about having some perfect sexual relation with some of those beauties, as this will lift you up and make you really horny. These girls are like an electricity, they will make you move in a second, as you will have a real sexual shock as soon as they shake in front of you with their asses and they put them on the screen. This is how the heaven looks like.


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