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Even Girls Get Bad!

Ever been in a party where hot chicks dance their hot asses on the dance floor slowly grinding their body to their dance partners? Or maybe even seen a wet t-shirt party in a club? If you enjoy that, you might want to check Realgirlsgonebad. Real girls gone bad offers you a real to life girls getting naughty and doing the dirty moves in nightclubs. Realgirlsgonebad strictly showcases no fakes and does not hire paid actresses, these are 100% guaranteed real girls partying in vacation, taking part in bar crawls and wet t-shirt contests, getting naughty, naked and downright dirty. These videos show how wild and crazy these girls can be in a vacation. The girls in the site are 100% authentic English girls who are just out to party and have a wild time. These girls get drunk and do all sorts of crazy things like dancing on the deck naked with other women and kissing. Along these lines, they also do pole dances.

The Girls Gone Wild

These women are authentic amateurs. The girls in the videos may either be big tits or natural tits. It is like watching spring break (not the movie) take place in real life instead of the movies. This is reality at its finest and it focuses on soft core meaning there is no sex, no penetrations, no pounding, no anals nor even a blowjob. It Is all about watching girls go wild in nightclubs or pubs. Although you might think this is bad, I still think that this is a great concept. Why you might ask? Because this reality at most, what you see here is all real, no stories, no paid actresses, no order whatsoever it’s just wild and vivid parties.

Everything Caught on Cam

The site showcases two possible video styles: pub crawl or wet t-shirt. The pub crawl or bar crawl footages emphasizes on loud dance floors and lots of girls drunk on their asses and having a great time. Usually clothes start coming off in these, girls flashing and touching each others tits in front of the whole crowd. Even a few girls got totally naked right on the dance floor while everyone around them starts screaming and shouting them  with encouragements. The other video style, called wet t-shirt, focuses on wet t-shirt contests. A wet t-shirt contest is when girls line up in front of the crowd while wearing white t-shirts and someone sprays them with water so that their boobs and nipples show through the shirt. The only difference the site offers is that by the end of the contest, these girls are pretty much naked and dancing around on the stage. Their nice tits bouncing and juggling to the applause and shouts of the onlookers present in the bar. The girls in the videos are all from UK and from 18-23 years old.

The Best Membership

If you are interested you can be a member of the real girls gone bad site. Being a member allows you to watch every single one of the videos posted on the website. Membership types are as follows:

  • 1 Month – $19.99
  • 3 Months – $41.97
  • 6 Months – $59.94

Join the Madness Now!

Being a member allows you to stream videos in high definition. You can stream videos in 1280×720 screens meaning even if you use the whole screen feature, the video is still in high definition. You are also guaranteed weekly updates for your viewing pleasure. Every week they release two videos so that your money is guaranteed to be well spent. Your transactions are also private and discreet meaning your transactions are secure. I can guarantee you that Realgirlsgonebad is one of the greatest soft core porn the world wide web has to offer.


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