Asa Akira


Experience in the first place

Quality that highlights a porn star, in addition to her appearance, is especially her ability to evoke viewers of porn videos veracity of the situation in which the action takes place. It should attract the viewer with her charm and the quality of sexual performance and to thereby hold to enjoy the video by looking at the screen. All these qualities Asa Akira posses, so she is one of the most famous actresses in the world of the pornographic industry. Wile watching her movies, observers will get a wish to join the naughty activities of actors. Akira in a simple and easy way can enjoy sex while you in that whole period get an irresistible urge to take this woman for yourself and do everything with her. These wishes can awake only a woman who is a capable and talented and who knows how to enjoy sex, whether with a man or a woman.

How improvement came?

Improvement in job is not likely to come over the night. You have to be patient and to wait for your perfect moment. This was also the way how Akira developed her career. She first started working as a dominatrix after her high school. How she was beautiful and talented, her progress is moving in terms of changing jobs and moving on to something more serious. She worked as a stripper at the Hustler Club in New York. Her first steps into the world of pornography began after she met Gina Lynn, the porn star. Her real name is Asa Lee, however, she chose to use a pseudonym and with her first name Asa, Akira is added, which is the name of a Japanese manga series. She has won numerous awards and received recognition as the Fleshlight Girl in 2011. She is also the winner of the 30th Annual AVN Award and AVN Female Performer of the Year Award. She was 63 times nominated for a prize, and 24 times she was the winner. That is why this beauty is a real gem among porn stars. And besides all of this, she won a XRCO award for female performer of the year and AVN Award in 2014 for the best porn star website.

Her commitment

One of the most tactical things that Asa did at the beginning of her career was the declaration of her commitment. As she starts to make porn movies with both men and women, the first questions that followed were about her beliefs. This adorable Asian women identified herself as indefinable. She did not want to belong to a group of bisexuals, but wanted to be something special, and through her work she did that. Since December 2012 she has been married to Toni Ribas, who is also an actor in the field of the pornography industry and pornographic director. Very soon after the beginnings, Akira has become a director of films, so she had a more than 400 films for adults, while being a director for almost ten of them.

Asa Akira on stage

For those who are wondering how Asa Akira looks at the scene, the answer is very simple. She is insatiable. This girl with a beautiful sculpted body knows very well how to use her attributes. Her acting is something quite natural. When this girl comes into the scene, it is clear that she does not have to strain while playing, because she really enjoys every movement. Her appetites are huge and she enjoys every moment, while some man is pounding her or while having sex with some of the girls. Whoever is the lucky partner of Asa in front of the camera, she knows how to make this relation being not just plain and boring sex, but something that brings sparkle and voluptuousness in the sexual act. She does not know how to stop in her lust and because of that every her movie is full of action from start to finish.

What is so special about her?

The uniqueness of this Asian women are not only reflected in her performance, but also in her specific beauty. She has a very recognizable face of Asian women that is sure to stand out from the crowd. Her slanted eyes make you remember her face forever. Her beautiful lips remain long in the memory after watching the film, and this woman is absolutely perfect example of extraordinary beauty and pure sexual lust.