Diamond Skin


Important things about Diamond

Diamond Skin is one very, very special porn star. This is because she was born in Ventura, California as Raylin Christensen on February 18, 1987 as a daughter of American actor Rodd Christensen. She was living as a child in Dunfermline in Scotland. Her father wanted her to be an actor and this is why he put her to play a role in Balamory as a child, but she was not satisfied with such a simple movie role. She wanted to be a real star, no matter what the price would be. It can be said that this controversy girl has multinational descent from very different countries.

How did she become a porn star

The fact is that here we have one very good-looking and pretty girl. Due to her appearance and quality, she managed to reach fame and meet fashion standards, and at one time she posed for many fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton. According to her words, she started to deal with pornography quite by accident. How women always attracted her in the past, she decided to do a scene with a girl, but her engagement was not ended with this one video and until her parents found out what she was doing, it was too late to change something. Diamond began to deal with pornography when she was 22 years old. She has been active since 2009 and to this day records and works with equal fervor.

Awards for the performance

Nominations all the time are something very familiar to this fiery girl. She was nominated for different awards from many famous houses. Starting with AVN Award, over XRCO and XBIZ nominations, this girl was obviously very refreshing for the whole industry. Also Urban X Award nomination didn’t miss her. However, she was not only nominated, she took a few very important awards. The first one she got in 2012 and this was Urban X Award as the Female Performer of the Year. In 2013 XBIZ Award came for the Best Supporting Actress. In 2014 she already got two awards and both are AVN Awards, one for the best Double-Penetration Sex Scene and the second for the Best Oral Sex Scene. When one looks over all these rewards, it is very clear that this chocolate girl has multi talents. She does not have a substantial impact on the world and European porn star list, but she is in Germany on a high eighth place and the Germans simply adore this wonderful actress.

Specific facts that you have to know

There are some facts that one need to know in order to be able to recognize this weird girl every time she shows on the screen. First of all, the important fact is that Skin has several tattoos over her nice-looking body. There is a big Phoenix on her back, which is covering the burnings that she got while playing some unsafe games. She also has tattoos on her arms and legs. Beside tattoos, she loves piercing and this is why she has one in her navel and one at her right nostril. She has piercing on her both nipples too. There is one additional fact that is separating this girl from the crowd. That is her hair. On the left side of her head, she has shaved part of her head and this is something that she likes to show to the audience. Her hair is sometimes black, but sometimes in real Magenta color, which can be also a sign of recognition while you are online. With so many special details, it is very hard not to remember this sexy girl once you see her.

Some final words

All those who just enjoy the performance of this provocative and in some way little bit foolish girl, her entire work can be found directly on her website SkinDiamondVip where one membership you get a lot of websites use. Also, you can look for at the social networks and hang out with her if you get lucky. Anyway, this girl is ready to bring into your life a lot of fun and nice moments. Its distinctiveness from others and it is almost certain that you moments of her unbridled behavior and naughty scenes remain in our memories for a long time. She is hard to understand, her desires are unique, her views about the world are different than from the others. One should simply accept and enjoy her performance every time when there is such a good opportunity for enjoyment decrees.