Kayden Kross


Kayden Kross in personal

Sacramento, California is a place that in the world of pornographic industry September 15, 1985 has granted another successful and beautiful girl. Kayden Cross was born as Kimberly Nicole Rathamp, but has elected to use for her stage shows the pseudonym under which she is widely known and very popular in the work she does. She is known by many other names too. One may find her just like Kayden, but also like Jenna Nikol, Jenna Nickol and Kayden Cross.

Like the real Goddess

This Penthouse girl is actually the one who was the real shoot for all the houses for which she was working. However, this is not something that is to be unexpected, because she is really special. Her face is like the face of a goddess, beautiful lines, gentle complexion and seductive look right from the bottom of her eyes of the main advantages of this porn star. Her commitment is evident in her look, and indeed it is impossible to have such a situation that someone says he is not satisfied with the appearance of this blonde. Her body is just perfect. Slim and beautiful, with sturdy and beautifully shaped breasts, this girl invites to a sin all those who see her at least once. As the real magic, she will appear on the small screen and captivates all observers with her appearance. Her films are captivating and just all of the above is responsible for her success and high achievements.

Very strong public approach

First experience on the public scene Kayden had when she was 18 and that was a kind of performance in one stripper club. She decided to come up with the porn industry because she wanted to buy herself a pony. This very interesting reason for starting a kind of a porn career brought to everyone this spectacular buzzer. She occupies place number 85 place in the world, in Europe the 15th place of popularity and in Sweden she holds the first place among porn stars, and her popularity is amazing. Although the number of her fans at some sites is in average of around 10 thousand, her success cannot be denied. This girl is resolute in her intention to present herself to the world in various fields and for this reason she is not of those porn stars that only make movies and have no other interests. She appears regularly in various show programs and take on different roles in them. She appears in various comedy and has performances of the many televisions. Apart from all this engagement, Kayden has her own web site called ClubKayden and it is associated with many other girls in the network of sites.

Awards over the time

Over a period of seven consecutive years, beginning in 2007, this sexy beauty has a career that is constantly on the rise. Only in 2008 she did not receive any awards. In all other years, she was noticed and rewarded. Her first award was Adultcon Top 20 Adult Actresses, in the coming period she received the most diverse awards. Among them are the Hot d’Or Award, Venus Award, Erotixxx Award, AVN Awards and XBIZ Awards several times. She was rewarded in many areas, which shows how much the work of its high quality and comprehensive. She was also selected as the Penthouse Pet. This was for 2008 year in September.

Opinion about this girl

While in school, she was meant to be a kind of nerd by her own words, and while even today she harbors an incredible love for books, her sexual side is completely different. She is spontaneous and has a very emotional moment in her performance. It is hard to tell whether this is a reflection of good acting or real pleasure in what she does, but this girl is really successful in almost all categories. Her photos are very provocative, especially those in topless versions. Her films stand out as the solo performance and seductive masturbation achievements at the highest level and this is also the case with her soft core shots with colleagues in lesbian scenes. In the movies, where she has a man for a partner, this girl stands out in the classical vaginal but also in anal sex, while her blowjob work is really something that you can only wish for. This girl is absolutely a wonderful discovery and a real gift for the porn industry.