Madison Ivy


The storm has arrived

Madison Ivy entered the pornographic scene in a big way, through big door. From the moment she appeared in the porn industry, this beautiful girl works constantly only with world famous fashion houses. Her very occurrence is very authentic and when she appears on your screen, you have the impression that the storm came right to your home. Her films are characterized by aggression and curiosity. She is always ready to explore and to find new ways to show her ravishing body in the best possible release. This fire porn star captures her appearance and she is just as good as having sex with both men and women. Her body is lithe and supple, easily clings to each and lasciviously writhe. Although her ​​face is not very characteristic, you will still remember her, thanks to her outstanding attributes. You will certainly recognize this porn star every time you experience any of her films, and even if at the same time you have not read who the actors are.

How did she start?

This unrestrained beauty queen is originally from Germany. She was born in Bayern on June 14, in 1989. Name Madison Ivy she selected as the artistic detail that will follow her during a successful career. However, this is not her real name. At birth she was named Cloris Briggs, but still chose to appear under a pseudonym. Although born in Germany, she is an American by nationality, because shortly after birth, she left her native land with parents and moved to Texas, where she grew up. She attended school at home and very early started to work to earn for living. Her first public performance and display of ecstatic body began in the strip club. As to these places often porn stars are coming, Madison Ivy for the first time, with the help of her colleague went to work in the pornographic industry.

About her pornographic career

When she was 19 years old, she has begun to work with international companies, starting from Hustler, Naughty America all up to Brazzers. Many times she was nominated for the AVN Award in different categories, but she never won. What was the reason for that? Probably she was there in some bad moment for her. Anyway, she is very famous porn star nowadays and she keeps very high place among other porn stars. In addition, beside she deals with pornography, this blue-eyed siren is also a yoga instructor. How yoga is very demanding and helps the body to remain elastic, maybe this activity played a part in the formation of the ecstatic body of this beauty.

Her best bet

As her career, thanks to her outstanding talent in sexual performance, began to advance dizzy, Madison Ivy has decided to invest in her body to make it more challenging and even more preferably. In December 2009 she underwent plastic surgery and decided to increase the breast, so now she is the proud owner of huge boobs size D. Although these are fake tits, they made this porn star body looks fantastic. Her sex appeal is increased, and with the increase of tits there was an increase in the number of contracts with major international houses. In any case, these pornographic houses made ​​the right decision, because this girl absolutely justified their confidence by her exceptional achievements.

The final word

Pornography is a huge industry in which the rules are strict, and viewers are very demanding. Each image must be a reflection of the immense sexual experience if you want the same to be accepted and positively evaluated. Any movie with Madison Ivy has a very good listing and brings a lot of views of it to the publisher. For this reason, this slender girl was very well received by film directors. This queen of sexuality is the one that everybody wants and people do not hide their delight while enjoying her performance. Although she has not received any awards, it is certain that she will get lucky very soon if she continues with her fantastic games of seduction on stage.