Monique Alexander


Gentle beauty as a mermaid

The pornographic world stands out for having the most beautiful girls, and one of them is fascinating and gentle girl named Monique Alexander. This blonde is distinguished by her beautiful and tender body. She is slender and fragile, but nevertheless, her every sex scene is full of freshness and lust. This beautiful girl is very successful in her job and is equally good in the relation both with men and with women. She captures your attention with her appearance and grace in front of cameras. She is elegant and confident, and it is a treat to watch every moment of her performance. She enjoys sex, and it is easy to see that she is very happy at all times when she gets some huge cock to play with, as that will allow her an additional pleasure. Her appearance excites and takes you into the world of exotic fantasies and dirty thoughts.

About Monique

Monique Alexander was born in Vallejo, California. The date of her birth was May 26, 1982. Pornographic career, this girl started with 18 years, when she first appeared as a stripper in Sacramento. Like most girls, she started to do this job because she needed the extra money. For a time she was involved in modeling, she was posing for several magazines for adults. As a porn star this gorgeous woman was first tried out in 2001, and her first movie was filmed together with a woman. Since then he has actively worked on the film on scene girl-girl, until 2005, when he began to make movies with men. Monique had a five-year contract with Vivid Entertainment and has long been recorded exclusively for this house. She repeatedly received awards and four times won AVN Awards in various areas of sexual activity. AVN Award she won last time in 2011. She has her own website through which fans can follow her work and development, and for a more detailed review of the same is required to pay dues.

Flowers as attraction

Tattoos can sometimes be very interesting and attractive. When a woman is a porn star all that sets that can apart her from others are her advantages. If that’s what stands as uniqueness is also pretty, then this is a real shoot. Monique has chosen to use her body to make some decorations, which are the flowers that adorn her entire right side of the body. In addition to flowers, this girl has a butterfly tattooed on the right side of the torso. Also the Hello Kitty tattoo decorates her body. With such distinctive details is simply impossible not to remember this girl, and when you take in consideration also her sexual skills, then watching her ​​movies will bring you only a great pleasure.

Her qualities

Monique Alexander is primarily experienced porn star who has the ability to attract people with her movements of her body. Her outstanding performance attracts the attention of the viewer. She is doing quite well in this role and has a large number of fans who adore her. In order to increase success and improve career development, this porn actress solidified her breasts and thus she has the body figure which is more challenging and attractive.

What to say at the end?

Although Monique Alexander has been already in mature years, but she still attracts attention with her appearance and sh is the sex symbol that can serve as an example for many other girls who want to follow her path. What is really special and beautiful about this porn star is her smile. The films that she captures are characteristic because they very often carry blends of her smile that will get under your skin and at the same time you are not even aware of that fact. She is something really special, and as such she is allocated and the world of pornography. Everybody loves and desire this beauty and this is how we come up to the reason how manages to keep being at the top of the most wanted porn star list in the world.