Priya Ray


Who is this girl?

Priya Rai was born on December 25, 1977. She was born in New Delhi, the Capitol of India. Her full name is Priya Anjeli Rai, although you can find here with some other names too, like Priya Rai Anjali or Rira Raid. She is actually the former porn actress who made more than 100 porn movies in her career. As she is not working any more in this field, we can only watch her already made movies and enjoy in her performance all the time that these are available. Her first public promotion was a long time ago as a stripper in porn clubs and this is how she already had a lot of experience when she decided to come on the screen for the first time. Her first adult film was recorded in 2007 and she already had 29 years when she showed up. She was making movies and making many people really happy for about 6 years, when she decided to retire in June 2013, as she engaged wealthy businessman who was not in this industry.

Public promotion

This hot woman started her career as an Indian-American actress. America has been just perfect for her needs and her passion and she was pretty lucky as her parents adopted her when she was 2 years old. That was a time when she moved from New Delhi to cold and far Minnesota, she moved to Minneapolis. In any case, she did not stay only in America and this territory which looks small for her. She is also very active in India and Bollywood likes her, in spite of her naughty movies that she made before. She also took part and roles in some horror movies.

Special awards

Awards are important in porn industry. They can help some porn star to improve her position on the list of popularity and this is something that all porn stars care about. When we speak about Priya Anjali Rai, it is very interesting that in many situations award just slipped out of her hands. Many times she was nominated for different awards, starting from AVN, all through FAME and XBIZ awards. There were some nominations for NightMoves Award too. However, she had two significant victories in her life as a porn star. The first award that she won was at the very beginning of here career in 2009 and that was an AVN Award for the Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene. This scene had almost 10 porn stars in front of the objective and somehow Priya was the most magnificent among them and models from other group sex movies. The second award for this beautiful girl came in 2011 as the NightMoves Award as the Best Milf. This was according to Editor’s Choice. Although she left the scene and retired, she is still on the top of all lists and her movies are still taking some nominations.

Specific facts

It is very important to mention that for the time of 6 years while she was working, and some time after, she got more than 20,000 fans on some sites. There are more than 500 videos, beside full time movies, that she made and at this moment her world ranking is number 18, which is very nice success. The very interesting fact is that this woman is not very tall, but on the other side she has very big boobs. These were one of her main tools in here sexual performance and they are very much loved from her partners. There is one more thing that is useful to know and that is the fact she has her own private website where you can find all her movies and pictures that she has ever made. For all those who have passion to watch only this porn star, joining this site can be very useful.

Is there anything else?

This nice girl is one of those who enjoy this job. She really loves to be a porn star and that is something that represents primarily a pleasure, and then work activity for her. Big eyes reflect all her feelings on each of her images and in each of her films. Beautifully contoured eyebrows that follow the line of her beautiful eyes and big seductive mouth are once again feature that many people in this world love very much. Her sex drive is strong, and her desire is a wild and lustful.